Assassin Bug Nymphs
Family Reduviidae

tiny assassin
This little assassin on Antelope Island was about 10 mm and was hanging out over the edge of these
defunct flowers to catch flying
insects, I assume. It was very cute
. © Carol Davis, 9-22-2011

assassin bug
Common Yarrow, especially after it has bloomed, is a favorite places for assassins, Dictyna spiders
running crab spiders.
This assassin was a few millimeters larger than
the first one. © Carol Davis, 9-22-2011

hatched assassins
I think these are tiny Assassin Bug hatchlings, at least they have the appearance of them with their bulging legs
and long proboscis. They were about the size
of small ants. © Carol Davis, 7-23-2009, Antelope Island

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