Bald-faced Hornet   (five photos)
Dolichovespula maculata
"White-faced Hornet"

Dolichovespula maculata
          hanging by one leg
I chased this Bald-faced Hornet around in Middle Canyon, Tooele County,
Utah, trying to get photos, to no avail.  Then it did a zoomy through the
air and landed upside-down on this stick and began to chew on
something.  They do chew up insects to feed to their young, from
 what I understand.  I thought Hanging
Thieves were the only insect
 to hang upside-down by one leg and eat,
but I guess there are more - at
one more. Carol Davis 9-6-2017

bald-faced hornet at Red Butte Garden
These hornets (actually a member of the Yellowjacket genus) are scary because
their sting is in the top ten of painful insect stings or bites (
Schmidt Pain Index.)
There are many of these at Red Butte Garden.  Carol Davis 9-4-2012

black and white hornet
  Their large nests are found above ground, usually in trees or bushes. This
 one was very dusty from the pollen but nothing really detracts from the
striking black and white colors.  Wasps and their kin are fast becoming
some of my favorite insects. Carol Davis, 8-29-2008

bald-faced hornet
These hornets look scary because of their plump physique but I followed this
quickly-moving one around the flowers for quite a while and it never
 got agitated. 
Carol Davis, 8-29-2008

Dolichovespula maculata
This worker Bald-faced Hornet must have been consuming this bench in Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. I
passed it once and then when I came back about an hour later it was still walking around on the bench. Maybe
 it was gathering pieces of wood for its nest.  They are a gorgeous insect.  Carol Davis 8-29-2011

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