Bee-like Robber Fly - Male  (three photos)
Laphria fernaldi

Laphria fernaldi robber fly
I was scanning the bushes at Pineview Reservoir for insects and just happened to glance
and there on a lower leaf was this beauty.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2014

male laphria fernaldi
If you check out the first photo of this species I took back in 2012 at the Jordanelle Dam wetlands,
the end of the abdomen is completely different than this one. That one was
identified as a female
on Bugguide so I can only assume this is a male. From what I was reading on the Internet, the
males use the apparatus to clamp on to the females when mating. 
© Carol Davis 7-6-2014

laphria species of robberfly
I didn't see many species of anything at Pineview that day but this made up for all of those I missed.  I could
have stayed there all day and taken pictures but I looked rather silly laying
down on the boardwalk. 
Luckily nobody came along so I didn't have to explain that I was photographing a "beautiful fly", which
is the epitome of an oxymoron - and they would have thought I was the moron..  At least the female
Robber Fly at Jordanelle was kind enough to land on a branch at
eye level.  © Carol Davis 7-6-2014

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