Bee Fly  (four photos)
Genus Poecilanthrax

            Beefly in Utah
Gorgeous reddish-brown Bee Fly near Strawberry
Reservoir, Wasatch
County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 8-20-2019

One of the most be
autiful of the Poecilanthrax Bee Flies. Found
on Guardsman Pass, Salt Lake County, Utah © Carol Davis 9-4-2019

patterned wing bee fly
Whichever species of Poecilanthrax this is, I think
 it is the same as the one below.  © Carol Davis 9-4-2019

Poecilanthrax bee fly
This beautiful Bee Fly was hanging around the Jordanelle Dam
wetlands in Was
atch County, Utah. Bee Fly larvae of the genus
feed on Noctuidae moth larvae, according
Wikipedia. © Carol Davis, 8-21-2013

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