Mating Bee Flies - almost  (three photos)
Exoprosopa fascipennis

Behold the female perched on a flimsy weed - a willing participant or one
doesn't wish to be bothered so she perches where the male will find it
 hard to land.
These gorgeous bee flies were abundant on Antelope Island
 in 2017. Incoming male photos below... © Carol D
avis 7-30-2017

mating bee flies
"Well, this presents quite a predicament.  I'll try landing a few
times and see if she becomes more willing."  She didn't.  He
 continued and she barely fluttered a wing the whole time he
made a complete fool of himself. © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

bee flies
This hovering around and attempts at landing went on for quite a
while - about 20 minutes - before I grew tired of watching his antics
and left. There were too other many annoying biting insects, as well
as unbearable heat, for me to stay.  I have to give him credit
 for perseverance. I have to give myself credit, as well, since
I took about 15 photos of his mishaps and never got a
shot of him actually landing! © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

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