Black Bee Fly  (five photos)
Thyridanthrax atratus

Beautiful black bee fly visting Curlycup Gumweed on Antelope
Island, Davis County, Utah.  This weed may be gummy and invasive,
but it's an insect magnet.© Carol Davis 8-16-2017

Mating Rituals - The Peck on the Cheek Approach

bee flies kissing
  Ahhhh. © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

Give the Guy a Hint

cruising as a mating
  This is either "Here I am, dummy" or "If I had a stinger, you'd
be the stingee".  © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

A Gentle Back Massage

the back massage
The way to any woman's heart. © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

The Mating Pair

mating bee flies
They do make a handsome couple © Carol Davis 8-13-2018

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