Black Bee Fly Mating Rituals  (five photos)
Family Bombyliidae
Subfamily Anthracinae

To be successful at Bee Fly mating on Antelope Island, one
may or may not find the following approaches helpful, as
evidenced by the
following photographs from Antelope
Island (this may only apply to this particular species
 which no one, so far, seems to be able to identify to species):

Landing on Your Sweetheart's Head

landing on your partners
This is not highly recommended as an approach for
courtship, as landing on your potential girlfriend's head
can be risky and painful.  Flying and landing lessons are
a must if you're new at the game.  © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

The Peck on the Cheek Approach

bee flies kissing
This particular male obviously wasn't adept at the art of mating
but he did try to smooth things over with his "peck on the cheek"
approach, which seemed quite sweet and was a hit with this little gal,
especially after the earlier faux pas. © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

Give the Guy a Hint

cruising as a mating
The female, not impressed by this guy's ability to make
a stable landing, laid on her back and tried to point
her suitor in the right direction. © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

A Gentle Back Massage

the back massage
This gentle back massage did seem to win the approval
of the female, but the male still wasn't able to fulfill
his side of the bargain. He was still trying for a
 successful courtship when I left. I'd been watching
for about 20 minutes.  © Carol Davis 8-10-2017

This is How It's Done

mating bee flies
Now, this couple I found approximately one year from the
previous couple's escapades (and on exactly the same plot of
ground) hit it off well and are planning on starting a family.
They do make a handsome couple © Carol Davis 8-13-2018

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