Bee Fly   (four photos)
Villa lateralis

villa lateralis
This bee fly drew my attention because of the way it danced
on the Common Yarrow with its little tush in the air, much
like some leafcutter bees do.  Also, it was much larger than
most of the bee flies visiting my yard.  © Carol Davis 8-7-2018

I quite liked this little thing because of its vivacious
 personality.  It has a couple of tears in its wings, but
it puts no damper on its day in Taylorsville, Utah.
 © Carol Davis 8-7-2018

what's that
Checking out the other bee flies just in case
there's someone it knows or wants to know, I
think.   There are two forms of this species,
one large and one small (smaller shown below.)
© Carol Davis 8-7-2018

smaller Villa lateralis
This little one is not so exciting. It just
visits the flowers and tries to avoid the
wasps and bees flying so vigorously around
my Hydrangea.  © Carol Davis 8-9-2018

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