Bee Fly
Heterostylum robustum
"Bomber Fly"

large bee fly
What an appropriate nickname for this bee fly, the "Bomber Fly".  I heard this long-beaked, noisy insect at
Payson Lakes on the Nebo Loop before I ever saw it.  It sounded like a WWII  bomber with a steady drone. 
Very cool.  © Carol Davis, 7-26-2010

bomber fly
I love the way the long legs flew all over the place as it lifted away from the flowers.  This bee fly never actually
landed but kind of used its legs to steady itself as it fed.  Consequently,  I had to take all my shots trying to
hold the camera steady while this beautiful insect moved up and down and around the flowers.  It  was pretty
cooperative considering I had my camera in its face most of the time. says the larvae of this
species are
parasitioid of Hymenoptera, which insect order is comprised of ants, bees, wasps and sawflies.  As
you can see, the adults feed off nectar and spend the rest of their time just flying around scaring unsuspecting
hikers into thinking they are being attacked by bumble bees, or very tiny WWII bombers.  © Carol Davis, 7-26-2010

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