Bee Fly  (three photos)
Exoprosopa dodrina

bee fly Exoprosopa dodrina
I found this little bee fly hovering around the lower part of a plant at Red
Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
I had to struggle to get these shots
 because it kept leaving when I'd approach with my camera.  Luckily, I waited
patiently and it returned within a short period of time.  Carol Davis 9-1-2010

bee fly
There is a detailed description of this species in a web article I located here
(on page 5, or do a search of the document for Exoprosopa dodrina).  Otherwise,
I didn't find any information on this species.  When I submitted the photo to, it was the only one that had been presented there.  Notice the
 spot on each wing - that is a characteristic of this species.  Carol Davis 9-1-2010

bee fly exoprosopa
Bee flies in the adult stage feed on pollen while the larvae
feed on immature insects. Carol Davis 9-1-2010

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