Bee Fly  (four photos)
Genus Poecilognathus

bee fly
This bee fly from Antelope Island makes me sleepy just looking at it. It was hanging out on the side of a
building and
I took all the pictures I wanted. It was so relaxed I thought it might break out in a loud snore
any minute. I googled this species and there are some photos of them with their eyes open.  Are you
paying attention? Hey, you, wake up and move to the next photo. Carol D
avis 8-14-2015

Poecilognathus bee fly
Why are they called "bee flies"? A lot of them look like bees but this particular one looks more like a
mosquito (except much larger). There are two more pictures and some information below on the
eating habits of these sleep inducers.
Open those peepers, I say.   Zzzzzzzzz snort....


The larvae of Bee Flies in general feed on other immature insects and bugs. Adults feed on nectar and are, therefore,
pollinators  and a beneficial insect.  They look rather scary and you might think they're harmful, but they don't sting.
They will hover in front of you or around you if they feel threatened, but you're safe. Carol Davis 8-24-2008
bee fly

  This one sat in my car for about ten minutes--I think it liked the air conditioning.  Having never seen one before
this day and sizing up that long proboscis, I moved away from it as  much as possible and took its picture while it
hogged the car seat.  It seemed very tired so I figured it wasn't a deer fly. Its wings are so perfect, in my opinion,
I think it can't be very old. Well, I'm off to take a snooze.  Carol Davis, 8-24-2008

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