Bee Fly
Genus Thevenetimyia

tiny bee fly
I found a tiny winged insect on a tiny flower at Brighton, Utah.  It was the first of its kind I had seen. I took a few
 pictures and when the little darling had flown off, I checked out my handiwork.  Duhhh,  I had my camera on
the wrong setting and all the shots were bad.  I prayed I would find another but figured it was pretty hopeless. 
I decided to check flowers just like these as I hiked up the mountain and finally, voila...there was another one.

black bee fly
It was so tiny I really didn't know it was a Bee Fly.  I suspected it might be some kind of black midge, although
I don't find midges taking nectar from flowers. When I finally got home and checked out the photos, it was then
I saw that it just about had to be a Bee Fly.  Bee Fly larvae feed on insects and the adults feed on nectar.  If you know
how tiny these flowers are then you can guess just how tiny this little insect  is. © Carol Davis, 7-13-2010

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