Beewolf  (six photos)
Philanthus multimaculatus
"Pacific Burrowing Wasp"

colorful beewolf
One of my favorite Beewolves on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah.  Carol Davis 8-16-2017

Philanthus multimaculatus
Philanthus multimaculatus taking a peek over the top of a sunflower leaf.  Carol Davis 8-16-2017

Philanthus multimaculatus
I found this cool-looking wasp (beewolf) on Common Yarrow on Antelope Island.  The markings
and the eyes are beautiful.   Carol Davis 6-16-2013

Philanthus multimaculatus
This beauty was visiting Common Yarrow in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County,
I love the way the bottom of its abdomen is packed with pollen.  Carol Davis, 6-30-2013

This shot gives an indication of how many markings this wasp has on it and I assume
that's how it got its name of "multimaculatus" (many markings).  Carol Davis 6-16-13

funny faced wasp
Cartoonish is the best word for this shot.  With the large area of yellow on the face and a big head with
over-sized eyes, they're kinda cute in a clownish sort of way.  I found this one on Antelope Island when I went
again a week later. They seem to be popping up everywhere this year. Carol Davis, 6-23-2013

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