Beewolf  (three photos)
Philanthus ventilabris

on guard
"Where's that other bozo who's trying to horn in on my territory?" Beewolf guarding the
grasses and flowery weeds on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2015

colorful beewolf
"Have you seen him?" Two of these male wasps were fighting over territory, wanting the area clear of riffraff
case any females might venture by. Beewolves get their name from the practice of provisioning their
nests with bees, on which they lays their eggs. Some prey on wasps, as well (nesting information
taken from a neat book, Bees, Wasps and Ants by Eric Grissell.)  © Carol Davis 7-30-2015

watch your backside
"I'd better check the back side." I don't know if these are all the same wasp because they kept
chasing each other off. It's fun to watch wasps when they're fighting for territory, and usually I can
slowly sneak in and take pictures, but these two were very aware of any interlopers.  While I watched
from a distance, I noticed they would
come zooming in from "nowhere" and bounce off the waiting wasp
which forced that wasp to give
chase and then the other wasp would come in and takes its place.  Male
hummingbirds do the same
thing, especially in the fall.  These shots were all taken with
a telephoto lens.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2015

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