Black Scavenger Fly - blowing a bubble (four photos)
Genus Sepsis

normal looking sepsis
This is a tiny normal-looking Black Scavenger Fly from Antelope Island - no bubble.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2015

bubble blowing fly
This is the bubble-blowing photo. I didn't know that is was doing this until I got home and looked
at the photo. It is a common thing for flies of all types but no one knows exactly why they do it;
because they can, I say.  Who doesn't enjoy blowing bubbles? © Carol Davis 9-27-2015

bug-eyed bubble blower
Not only does this fly's eye bug out but it's gathering its slobbery "bubble gum" to begin
blowing. I have to laugh when I see this photo. Bubble gum joy! © Carol Davis 9-27-2015

sepsis fly
This is a shot I took of one in 2014. As you can guess, it is the insect on the right, opposite a fairly
 large wasp. Adult and larval Sepsis flies eat and play in decaying matter and other things in
which we
wouldn't recreate, but you have to admit they are cute and their bodies look a tad
bit like
wasp bodies. Their "fly eyes" give them away, however. 
If you want to see what a
really good camera can do, check out this photo by "tobyjug5". © Carol Davis 9-24-2014

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