Black Vine Weevil  (three photos)
Otiorhynchus sulcatus

black vine weevil
This Broad-nosed Weevil was near my house in Taylorsville. They are quite pretty with their
 gold spots.  Carol Davis, 7-24-2012

Otiorhynchus sulcatus

Otiorhynchus sulcatus overwinter in homes, feed on all parts of plants, are native to Europe and can only converse with
other European weevils ; )  They can be serious pests.  Wikipedia has further information and a list of their host plants.
Below is a photo of its little belly.  Carol Davis 4-30-2015

Otiorhynchus sulcatus
The University of California Agriculture page has some very good information on this pest, including
photos of the damage they cause to leaves.  Carol Davis 4-30-2015

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