Blackjacket  (five photos)
Vespula consobrina

blackjacket covered in
A male Blackjacket with a belly covered in pollen on Guardsman
 Pass in
Salt Lake County, Utah.  Carol Davis 9-9-2019

How do they get rid of all that pollen, I wonder.
This wasp and a Potter Wasp were feeding on nectar
on Guardsman Pass. Utah.  Carol Davis 9-9-2019

blackjacket worker with
              a black nose
This photo shows the black nose of the male
Blackjacket. You can learn more about their
characteristics on Bugguide. Carol Davis 9-9-2019

Vespula consobrina
I found this Blackjacket in Red Butte Gardens in Salt
Lake City, Utah. They are in the same
genus as
Yellowjackets. Carol Davis, 8/29/2011


This is a beautiful wasp and I hope to find some more
before the bugging year is over.
Bugguide says they feed
on sugary substances and on live prey.  This one was
apparently feeding on nectar. Carol Davis, 8/29/2011

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