Blister Beetle
Genus Nemognatha

orasnge blister beetle
This Blister Beetle was on Curlycup Gumweed which is also called Sticky Buttons. The name becomes self explanatory
 once you've touched any part of this plant.  How any insect walks on it without getting stuck is beyond me. This genus of
 blister  beetles lays eggs on flowers and when the larvae hatch they attach themselves to visiting bees who in turn take
them back to the nest.  Here the larvae eat the bee eggs and food.  Sounds like something  out of a horror movie,
doesn't it?  Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

This is a Nemognatha on Sunflower, which is the plant of choice for the adult beetle.  There are other smaller beetles
that resemble this one in color that also feed on Sunflower pollen (see
Gnathium minimum)© Carol Davis, 7-29-2009
Thanks to for information on this beetle.

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