Blister Beetle
Pleuropasta mirabilis

Pleuropasta mirabilis
My sister-in-law, Marilyn Davis, and I were checking out flowers at the Valley of Fire State Park in Clark
Nevada when I looked down and saw what I thought was a red ant carrying a bug of some kind. After
chased it around for a few seconds trying to take its picture, I saw that it was a beautiful beetle. Marilyn
tried to stop it by putting her book down in front of it and I tried to stop it with my foot but it would not hold
still for a second. Passers-by probably thought we were performing some primitive rain dance. Finally
 I got off this shot and let the poor creature go on its speedy way. This is one of the prettiest blister beetles

I've seen. Adult blister beetles feed on flowers and plants. © Carol Davis, 4-13-2013

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