Braconid Wasp
Subfamily Agathidinae

braconid wasp
This tiny female Braconid Wasp was a beautiful insect.  I have seen them before on Antelope Island but
because they're so small, it's hard to get a good picture of them.  This one stuck around long enough
for me to get a few good shots.  Notice the long stinger-like ovipositor.  Carol Davis 10-10, 2010

They use the ovipositor, which you can see curled underneath the wasp here, to deposit eggs in their prey which may
include moth larvae that cause destruction to plants.
  The head has a goat-like appearance.  Carol Davis 10-10, 2010

To look at this tiny, beautiful wasp, you would never think that it could harm anything.  It is considered
 a very beneficial insect and has been used in biological control. 
Carol Davis 10-10, 2010

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