Braconid Wasp  (four photos)
Subfamily Braconinae

Size about 6-9 mm

male and female braconid
I just happened to be sitting on the stairs of my deck when I noticed some tiny insects flying up and down inside my
lilac bush. Upon closer inspection, I thought they might be little wasps. It was tough getting shots of them because
of their size and because they seldom landed. I was lucky to get these two together; I think they may be male and
female even though an ovipositor isn't showing. They definitely are different in size.  © Carol Davis, 5-31-2012

black and red wasp
Since the family of Braconid wasps are parasitoids of other insects such as aphids, borers, caterpillars, etc., I think
these are hanging around in my lilac bush because their host must reside there. I would love to know
the species, but I'm sure I never will.  What a neat wasp. 
© Carol Davis, 5-31-2012

red abdomen on braconid
What strange little abdomens!  I first saw these Braconids on May 22
and today (31st) I notice they are still hanging around. 
© Carol Davis, 5-22-2012

little orange fairy wasp
They look like little fairies when they fly.  © Carol Davis, 5-22-2012

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