Braconid Wasp
possible Aphidiinae

striped small wasp
This was a very tiny striped wasp I found in Brighton, Utah by Silver Lake.  The nice folks
at Bugguide said this mini-wasp might be in the subfamily Aphidiinae.
According to Wikipedia,
 Aphidiinae parasitoid wasps use aphids as their hosts.
You can read about them here as well as
look at a picture of an aphid that has had such a thing happen to it. Organic Gardening also
has a great article about parasitic wasps. 
© Carol Davis, 8-1-2002

possible Aphidiinae wasp
  I hope I have a lot of these wasps in my yard because I need them (where can I buy some?). I have found
tiny, tiny (like 1/4 inch) wasps similar to these on a screen or in my house at times and thought they were
little flies or gnats. I always try to take a picture of them or look at them through a magnifier before I do
anything drastic in case it is something beneficial - like a tiny parasitic wasp!
© Carol Davis 8-1-2008

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