Braconid Wasp  (three photos)
possible Braconinae species

tiny red and black braconid wasp
I was lounging in my chair on the deck in Taylorsville when I noticed something moving out of the corner of my
eye and it was then I spotted this tiny beautiful wasp. I ran to get my camera and when I came back, the
wasp was still there.  I wondered if it was female and looking for a place to lay eggs but I didn't
notice an ovipositor so I'm not really sure what the wasp was up to.  © Carol Davis 5-4-2014

back of a braconid wasp
It gave me every opportunity to take its picture and I was amazed because usually the small
wasps aren't that tolerant of my camera.  The problem was it was so small I was unable to get
a clear picture of the head which would have helped identify it to species. © Carol Davis 5-4-2014

I see you
Having your picture taken can be okay to a point but then the photographer becomes a real pain.
In this picture the wasp had moved to the edge of the leaf so it could just peek over at me. I was
being quite a nuisance at this time so I don't blame it for hiding.
© Carol Davis 5-4-2014

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