Braconid "Mummy Wasp"  (two photos)
genus Aleiodes

mummy wasp
I thought I'd never seen one of these before, but then I
remembered I'd seen one very much like it in 2017.
These are evidence left behind by some very weird
 parasitic wasps
.  © Carol Davis 4-25-2019

Aleiodes wasp
Both of these mummified caterpillars were victims of a tiny wasp
called a "Mummy Wasp"
.  You can read more about them on
Wikipedia.  These two were in Mercur Canyon, Tooele
 Utah.  The first one has a hole cut in it because the young wasp
emerged after eating the caterpillar. This second one has no hole
 because the wasp has not yet emerged, or has simply died
 along with the host.  © Carol Davis 10-18-

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