Braconid Wasp Cocoons
Subfamily Microgastrinae

Microgastrinae cocoons
ccording to Bugguide, Microgastrinae Braconid Wasp "larvae are parasitoids of various
Lepidoptera larvae"
so I'm assuming that underneath that pile of cocoons (sadly) lies
a dead caterpillar. Nature is fascinating and even parasitic wasps have parasites.  Below
is a picture of the bush on which I found this 1/4 inch pile of cocoons. It was so white it caught
eye as I was looking around the area for insects and spiders.  © Carol Davis 4-12-2017

Wasp cocoons
The tiny white mass  (about 1/4 inch long) in the center of this photo is the group of wasp cocoons.
I don't know what plant they're on - possibly rabbitbrush.  When it comes to parasitic wasps, none
 are more devious, though, than the newly-discovered Cyrypt-keeper Wasp (
Euderus set) that lives
 in the Southeastern U.S. and preys on other parasitic wasps. You can read about it on the National
Geographic site but,  beware, it's rated TG for "That's Gruesome!" © Carol Davis 4-12-2017

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