Broad-nosed Weevil
Ericydeus lautus

Ericydeus lautus
This large Broad-nosed Weevil Stood out like a wart on a witch's nose in the desert
of Mercur Canyon.  Why it was on a dead plant was a mystery to us all.

 My friend
told me that the weevil looked kind of "cute" from this angle and that in
the next photo it appeared rather menacing. Made me laugh.
© Carol Davis 8-2-2017

gray weevile with black stripes
It obviously had never seen people before because it just sat there and let us take
photos of it.  It has one of the most interesting patterns I've ever seen on a weevil.
They have to have some kind of positive characteristics, after all. I could find no
information on its feeding habits or if it's native to the US.
© Carol Davis 8-2-2017

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