Brown-belted Bumble Bee  (four photos)
Bombus griseocollis

brown-belted bumble bees
I see this bumble bee more than any other species at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah. © Carol Davis 8-6-2015

brown-belted bumble bee
This stunning Bumble Bee was pollinating in Red Butte Garden.  © Carol Davis 8-29-2011

yellow bumble bee
According to Bugguide, this particular Brown-belted Bumble Bee is an atypical color. You can
compare it with this one I also found at Red Butte a few years later.  © Carol Davis 8-29-2011

Bombus griseocolis in Utah
Males of this species have large eyes so I'm thinking this may be a male.  Wilipedia Commons has
a beautiful close-up of the face of a male.  © Carol Davis 8-29-2011

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