Bumble-bee Digger  (four photos)
Anthophora bomboides
former subspecies sodalis

Anthophora bomboides
I was very confused trying to figure out what this bee was at Red
 Butte Garden in Salt Lake County, Utah. It wasn't any Bumble
I was familiar with, but I had no idea what it could be. It was
 basically all orange, yellow, and black. © Carol Davis 7-9-2019

It had beautiful dark protruding eyes and stood out
from all the other Bumble Bees zooming about in the
flowers.  © Carol Davis 7-9-2019

bumble-bee digger
I submitted it to Bugguide and it was identified as
Anthophora bomboides sodalis, who is obviously a
Bumble Bee mimic. Here is a link to that species
on Bugguide. © Carol Davis 7-9-2019

sodalis digger bee
Just another shot but it was a pretty one. © Carol Davis 7-9-2019

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