Black-notched Bumble Bee  (two photos)
Bombus bifarius
"nominate form"

female bombus bifarius
This small bumble bee, Bombus bifarius, in the hills above Strawberry Reservoir, was busy digging inside
this log. I think the females must use wood pulp in their nests
.  The next photo is a shot from above.
© Carol Davis 7-25-2011

small bumble bee
This gives a view of the black notch on the thorax that bleeds down through the yellow or
band (which seems to be one of the characteristics of this species.)  The orange
bands on the abdomen are found on the Rocky Mountain (nominate) species (according to
 Discover Life).   I couldn't really find any more information about this bee. Bugguide helped
with the ID.  © Carol Davis, 7-25-2011

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