Golden Northern Bumble Bees
Nesting in Taylorsville, Utah  
(two photos)
Bombus fervidus

Bombus fervidus
I feel like a beekeeper now that I know I have these beautiful Golden Northern Bumble Bees nesting
underneath my shed in Taylorsville, Utah.  We were trying to repair parts of it when I noticed we were
being warned off by yellow bumble bees and they were going underneath where we were working.
I thought they might be Bombus fervidus so I was very protective of them. This one was taking
pollen from a small flower on my deck two weeks later. © Carol Davis 7-1-2016

golden northern bumble bee
This is one of the first pictures I took of one in flight near the base of the shed. I posted the photo
to Bugguide and was informed it was indeed Bombus fervidus. I only took my first picture of this
species last year and now I have them nesting in my yard. I can safely say that I prefer bumble bees
to yellowjackets, who I  had nesting in that same place about two years ago.  I've never seen
so many yellowjackets in one place in my life.  © Carol Davis 6-21-2016

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