"White-shouldered Bumble Bee"
Bombus appositus

mountain bumble bee
I was kind of curious about this bumble bee when I saw it at Soldier Creek Reservoir
because it was rather pale and it didn't have any pollen sacs.  © Carol Davis, 8-6-2014

Bombus appositus
Judging from other photos I've seen of the male of this species, they tend to be less
bright in color than the females. © Carol Davis 8-6-2014

yellow and black bumble bee
Bugguide identified it for me and determined it to be a male. I was glad I took
the time to take a few pictures.  They are a high elevation bumble bee, hence
the name, "Mountain Bumble Bee".  You can see the female of this
species here.  © Carol Davis 8-6-2014

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