Bumble Flower Beetle   (four photos)
Euphoria inda

bubmel flower beetle in Utah
While walking up the path through the trees at Red Butte Garden I saw this little creature out of the corner of my eye
and I knew it was a chafer of some kind but it had a beautiful pattern on its back with which I was unfamiliar.  It was
very cooperative as it tried to figure out if I was friend or foe and let me take a few pictures before it buzzed off. They
the name "Bumble" because the buzzing sound resembles that of a bumble bee.  © Carol Davis 8-18-2014

Euphoria inda
According to the Utah State Extension Service, these hairy beetles normally don't do much damage in Utah. You can
read more about them here in a nicely presented document by USU.
  I often say that once I find an insect a new
 insect I find another one within a short time - it's weird.  Well, yesterday (August 27) my niece called me and said
her son had found this little beetle in his yard feeding on some slime that was coming from his tree.  Low
and behold, it was the same beetle.  Below are a couple of pictures he took. 
© Carol Davis 8-18-2014

Euphoria inda feeding on tree slime
You can see him on the left side of the slime. They are quite small.  © Anthony Fabela

bumble flower beetle by Anthony Fabela
As adults these beetles visit flowers and accidentally aid in pollination.
Taken with his phone © Anthony Fabela 8

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