Cameraaaa.... - Action!
Square-headed wasp
Tribe Crabronini

camera wasp
I stopped to take some pictures on Antelope Island when I noticed my car was being invaded by tiny wasps,
most of them much smaller than the one above. I attempted to take a few pictures but they weren't cooperating.
This one was very cooperative and decided to jump on the lens of my camera. It then took a tour and investigated
every nook and cranny. I remembered my Panasonic FZ20 was hanging on my shoulder so I took a few pictures
while holding my point-and-shoot.  I was afraid the wasp was going to disappear inside one of the connectors so
 I finally blew on it and it took flight. Little wasps seem to like my white car.  © Carol Davis, 5-8-2012

squre-headed wasp
The head of this little wasp is kind of big and squarish (hence the name Square-headed Wasp). The eyes are
very large and its wardrobe is a beautiful black with yellow trim. It's like a small, flashy sports car of the wasp
  Flies are its prime food source and it seeks the company of photographers. © Carol Davis, 5-8-2012

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