"Carrot Wasp"
genus Gasteruption

carrot wasp in Utah
The first one of these I ever saw was a Jordanelle and I thought it had broken its back because
its abdomen was sticking straight up.  It isn't called a carrot wasp because it's abdomen resembles a
carrot but rather because it visits flowers from the carrot family.  This one was was also in the
Jordanelle wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah.  Carol Davis 6-30-2013

carrot wasp
  I like this shot because the wasp's face is covered in pollen.  Carrot wasps are thin-bodied and small
and hard to see because of their size.  They move rather quickly making it difficult to get good
photographs (at least for me). 
Carol Davis, 6-30-2013

tiny reddish wasp
You just might catch a glimpse of this tiny wasp in your garden - if you're lucky. They are very
small and fly around like Tinkerbell - light and fairy-ish. One minute you see them and the next you don't.
I have found these in Red Butte Garden, as well.  Carol Davis 6-30-2013

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