Case-bearing Leaf Beetle  (two photos)
Family Chrysomelidae
Genus Coleothorpa

Coleothorpa leaf beetle
While visiting friends in Herriman, Utah, I found this tiny creature in their back yard.  It's quite
an attractive little beetle with those little red epaulets. .  © Carol Davis 6-12-2013

gray case-bearing leaf beetle
Case-bearing Leaf Beetles get their name from the fact that their "larvae are casebearers, living in and protected
by a case constructed of their fecal matter and sometimes plant debris. The case is shorter than the larva
that remains folded inside it." Eggs are laid in carefully sculpted packets formed from feces and abdominal
secretions. (quote from Bugguide).  Ross Piper, Zoologist & Entomologist, has a nice article titled
"Mobile Homes" about case-bearing leaf beetles as well as some great pictures.  © Carol Davis 6-12-2013

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