Cellophane Bee

Colletes bee in Utah
I think I've only photographed two of these through the years and they both were on
Island in the fall and only three days (but 7 years) apart. Carol Davis 10-26-2016

cellophane bee
I'm sure I have seen many more of these, but I've only photographed a few. They are small,
fuzzy, solitary, ground-nesting bees.  Here's a really good article on Modern Farmer's
site about Colletes bees. Carol Davis 10-26-2016

cellophane bee
Cellophane Bees, like this one I found in late October on Antelope Island, are ground-nesters. Females
line their nests with a clear substance like cellophane, hence the name.  Carol Davis, 10-23-2009

Although this little girl looks exhausted in this photo, these are very industrious little bees.
slow downonce the weather cools and they can often be found in a comatose state sitting in the
 middle  of a flower on  a cool morning, where they collapsed the night before. Once they warm
 up, off they go to do their job of pollinating.   Carol Davis, 10-23-2009

colletes wings
 This photo is a little fuzzy but it shows the beautiful pattern in the wings.  Only females of the species
 have stingers but this little female bee was certainly a cooperative subject, with  malice toward none.

You can read an interesting blog about this bee here.
Carol Davis, 10-23-2009

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