Chalcidid Wasp
Subfamily Haltichellinae
possible Haltichella or Hockeria species

haltichellinae parasitic wasp
This tiny, but beautiful, hump-backed wasp was running around on sunflower
leaves on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-25-2012

tiny orange wasp
Trying to photograph tiny wasps is a big challenge, mostly because they never hold still, but
 also because I don't have a powerful enough macro camera to get a good shot. Most Chalcidid
wasps, according to Bugguide,
parasitize eggs or immature stages of other insects "mostly
Lepidoptera and Diptera, though a few attack Hymenoptera, Coleoptera or Neuroptera.
Parasites of Lepidoptera usually attack young pupae, while those of Diptera
 attack mature larvae."
The Taxon Diversity site has a little more technical
information on the subfamily Haltichellinae.  © Carol Davis 7-25-2012

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