Chalcid Wasp  (two photos)
Genus Podagrion

Podagrion Wasp
I have seen a lot of these Praying Mantis egg sacs, but this was the
first time I had seen holes in them like these.  © Carol Davis 3-9-2018

Praying Mantis
Tiny female Podagrion Chalcid Wasps, using their long ovipositors, lay eggs inside Mantis
egg cases
. Upon hatching, the newborn wasp larvae consume the Mantis eggs and later emerge
as adults through these holes. 
I found the two cases  in St. George, Washington County, Utah. 
You can read more about Chalcid Wasps like these at  My next goal:
photograph the wasp that does all this.  © Carol Davis 3-9-2018

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