Male & Female Chalcid Wasp  (three photos)
  genus Leucospis

male Leucospis affinis
You can't really appreciate how tiny these wasps are
 until you see them in person (males are even
smaller than the females). This male is nectaring
Goldenrod blossoms in Taylorsville, Salt Lake
Utah.  First time I've ever seen the
  a male and I've only seen a female one time
 (below).  This was way too small to be Leucospis
affinis. Carol Davis 7-4-2020

Leucospis affinis in Utah
Bugguide identified this female as Leucospis affinis.  This
 was a very small wasp and I'd never seen one like her before.
 I guess they're not that common. I had a heck of a time
photographing her in my yard in Taylorsville, Utah, 
but I finally got two bad shots of  her before she
 took off.  Carol Davis, 7-25-2010

yellow and black parasitic wasp
She had a very funny-shaped abdomen - not like an
abdomen you would normally see on a wasp. Wasp larva in
the  Leucospidae family are parasites of other bees and wasps.
Eric Eaton has a good article on them here.  This is a female
 since she has an ovipositor (long thin tube for laying eggs)
resting on her back. Carol Davis, 7-25-2010

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