Clay-colored Billbug 
Sphenophorus aequalis ochreus

Eastern Kingbird with
            Spenophorus aequalis billbug
Lest we forget the benefit of birds, check out this young
Eastern Kingbird
at Farmington Bay, Utah, that snatched a
Clay-colored Billbug out of the air. Carol Davis 6-10-2020

clay-colored billbug
I took this photo a few weeks earlier at Farmington Bay,
Davis County, Utah   Another shot below. Carol Davis 5-26-2020

tan billbug
These billbugs are very beautiful with their light brown
shell and black trim.  They are, however, pests. 
I hadn't
 seen any of these since I shot the photo below in 2009
at Bear River MBR.  Carol Davis 5-26-2020

Sphenophorus aequalis ochreus
Clay-colored Billbug on the road to Bear River MBR.
 I took one picture and then as I attempted to grab
hold of the grass, it slipped and sent the bug flying to
parts unknown.  I do that a lot.  Carol Davis, 7-12-2009

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