Common Aerial Yellowjacket  (two photos)
Dolichovespula arenaria

Dolichovespula arenaria
I found this yellowjacket amidst a bunch of other flies, wasps and bees on irises at Garr
Ranch on Antelope Island.  It was impressive in size.
From what I understand, they are
named "aerial" because they usually make their nests above ground.
© Carol Davis, 6-3-2012

aerial yellowjacket
 It made my heart race when I leaned over the irises to get a picture of this yellowjacket and
when I glanced down I noticed my thigh was about an inch from two other yellowjackets. 
glad they weren't irritable :]  It's embarrassing to start dancing around and flailing my arms.
Earlier in the day, I thought I was being attacked by a deerfly and did a jig and it turned out
 to be the round wooden ball on the end of the tie around on my waist on my pants.  It was
 hovering menacingly as I was leaning over to take a photo. I don't know which would be scarier,
a hovering wooden yellowjacket or a hovering wooden deerfly.  © Carol Davis, 6-3-2012

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