Crusted Root Weevil
Trachyphloeus bifoveolatus
3-4 mm

brown weevil
This is a tiny weevil that I was trying to take a photo of when I noticed a spider approaching my head
quite rapidly on a silken strand. A spider always takes precedence so I only got a couple of shots
of this insect. 
Carol Davis, 5-21-2011

crusted root weevil
Another bad photo in my yard in Taylorsville, UT.  Carol Davis 4-30-14

Trachyphloeus bifoveolatus
If you are familiar with a Vinca plant's bloom (the blue flower behind  the green leaf) then you can
appreciate just how small this weevil is.  Crusted Root Weevils are natives of Europe but now
reside comfortably in the U.S., as well, and supposedly do little harm to plants. They are
 very cute.  Carol Davis, 5-21-2011 - Taylorsville, Utah

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