Cuckoo Bee

cuckoo bee
This Cuckoo Bee was waiting in the rabbitbrush for the morning to warm up on this cool October day on
Antelope Island.  I'd never seen anything quite like this pale creature and haven't since. 
© Carol Davis, 10-26-2008

cuckoo bee
  Like Cuckoo birds who lay eggs in nests of other birds, these bees lay eggs in the nest (in the collected pollen) of
other bees - specifically Cellophane Bees.  This form of feeding is called
"Kleptoparasitism" and is found
 throughout the animal kingdom;
  I guess that way you don't have to clean house, listen to the kids fight,
or feed the family.  It's an amazing and crazy world we live in, isn't it?  © Carol Davis, 10-26-2008

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