Cuckoo Bee  (three photos)
Genus Nomada

cuckoo bee
When trying to identify this insect that was pollinating at Pineview Reservoir, I was certain it
 was a wasp and not a bee. Bugguide helped me discover that it is indeed a Cuckoo Bee
I love
 the eyes.  © Carol Davis, 7-10-2011

cuckoo bee
 Like the Cuckoo birds who lay their eggs in other birds' nests for them to hatch and raise, female
 Cuckoo bees enter the nests of other bees when the host is absent and lay their eggs into the
egg cell walls.  © Carol Davis, 7-10-2011

I refer to this bee as the Mustache Cuckoo Bee because of the face on the thorax with the two
 large "eyes" and "mustache".  If you imagine the wings as "ears", the Cuckoo Bee really
takes on a weird appearance (especially with that gaudy striped shirt!) 
© Carol Davis, 7-10-2011

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