Cuckoo Bee  (five photos)
Genus Epeolus
possible Epeolus minimus

Epeolus cuckoo bee
I found these little hovering bees near some Sand Wasp nests on Antelope Island. I first thought they
were Sand Wasps but realized they must be something else.  They would hover and then check out
some of the holes in the sand. I suspected they might be cuckoo bees. © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

possible Epeolus minimus
I was able to get some air shots of them because they would hover in
place for quite a while.  I couldn't get close to them or they would
scatter, so I used my telephoto lens. © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

checking out a hole
There appeared to be a hole right next to this dead plant that the bees kept
checking out. In fact, that next photo shows one of them just parked on a stem
scouring the whole area.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

bee on a twig
I wish I could have gotten better photos, but the glare off the sand was bright and the
 bees were little.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

hovering cuckoo bee
Judging from pictures I've seen around the Web, I think these are probably Epeolus minumus. 
You can see some information and photos here on Discover Life. © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

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