Cuckoo Wasp  (three photos)
Family Chrysididae
Subfamily Chrysidinae

cuckoo wasp
I found this rather slow-moving cuckoo wasp at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City,
Utah. Usually
I can't get close to them for photos.  Carol Davis 6-19-2014

cuckoo wasp at Red Butte Garden
Cuckoo Wasps are beautiful with their blue-green coloration but they have a bad rep
in the wasp world.
  They are called Cuckoo Wasps because they lays their eggs in other
unsuspecting wasps' nests, like  the Cuckoo Bird does. Provisioning the nest with insects and
spiders is then left up to the host wasps. The larvae of the Cuckoo Wasp eat all the food
 meant for the host larvae. You can read more about Cuckoo Wasps here on Wikipedia.
Carol Davis 8-20-06 at Bear River MBR

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