Cuckoo Wasp  (two photos)
Chrysis angolensis

cuckoo wasp
This is the first Cuckoo Wasp I ever saw and I found it on some old logs not far
from the big bridge at Bear River MBR.  I was enthralled by the beautiful colors and
the large dark eyes. What a beauty!  © Carol Davis 8-20-2006

Chrysis angolensis
Chrysis angolensis is a non-native wasp and is a parasite of Mud Daubers, of which
Bear River MBR has no shortage (I think that's grammatically
correct but it sure
sounds funny).  I am reminded of the time (which
I have mentioned in previous
posts) when I had to visit the biffy at Bear
River and it was full of Mud Daubers
 building their long mud nests. They
went about their business, flying and daubing,
 and I went about mine (moving very slowly but in a "I need to get out of here" kind
of way.) Mud Daubers are
quite docile, thank the Good Lord. You can read more
about this Cuckoo Wasp and others at Bay Nature.  If you're interested in the mighty
Mud Dauber, you can read more about it at The Missouri Dept. of Conservation.
© Carol Davis 6-20-2014

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