Hybotid Dance Fly  (two photos)
Genus Platypalpus

dance fly
If you spend any time outdoors at all in the summer, at least in Utah, you can often see small
patches of tiny
insects hovering and "dancing" up and down over your grass about eye
level. You can't
really tell what they are and if you try to stand in the middle of them
 they just move
the whole congregation to another place. These are dance flies.  Midges
also come in hordes, but they are in much bigger masses and resemble tornadoes in
over all structure. They don't dance like these flies, though. © Carol D
avis 6-15-2013

Dance flies, who resemble miniature Robber flies, are predatory and eat all kinds of insects.
They grasp them with those impressive-
looking body-builder legs. I've always wondered what
e "dancing" flies were and I'm glad to finally have a name for them.  Eric Eaton has
 more information
here. The University of Milwaukee has some more information
on these fascinating little creatures. © Carol Davis 6-15-2013

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