Darkling Beetle  (two photos)
Tribe Edrotini

Edrotini darkling beetle
The only thing I know about this beetle is (1) I've never seen one before, (2) I can't find out anything
about the species on the Internet and (3) it is a very pretty color. The family of Darkling
Beetles can dine on just about anything, (bark, fungus, insects, carrion) depending on the
species (according to Bugguide). © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

This is actually where I found the beetle at Bear River MBR (I moved it to my finger
for a better shot).
  I found another one on September 3, 2013 on Antelope Island but it had
either suffered at the hands of a spider or of some fungus. I'll spare you having to
look at the photo of that one. © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

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