Darkling Beetles  (three photos)
Eleodes obscurus

 In the West we call these "stink bugs" because when they are bothered they put
their behinds in the air and emit a foul odor. 

black beetle

This little creature in Zion National Park was not the least bit shy about exposing its bottom to the world.  There were
a group of people around it getting quite a kick out of its antics.   © Carol Davis, 5-19-2008

Stink beetle
  Most predators avoid this bug but the Grasshopper Mouse grabs this stinker and plants its behind in
the ground before it can shoot its foul juices.  Then lunch begins for the rodent.  Nature never ceases to
(There's a neat article here on The National Wildlife Federation site that includes information on
mysterious animals, including the grasshopper mouse.)
This particular darkling beetle was on a bridge
on the Antelope Island causeway.  Food for Stinky includes both plant and animal and can sometimes
 include stored grain.   © Carol Davis, 6-3-07

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