Deer Bot Fly
Genus Cephenemyia

Cephenemyia bot fly
When I first spotted this blob on some dead bushes on Antelope Island I thought it was a bumble bee
because it was so chunky.  I tried to sneak through the bushes without being detected and all the time
I noticed how weird this little guy looked just hanging on with "all six" and gazing around without a
care in the world. I still thought it was a bee until after I had taken two photographs and then suspected
it might be a fly.  It suddenly took off like a rocket and I noticed it buzzed. By that time I had surmised
it might be a bee-mimic (fly).  Bugguide experts told me it was a Bot Fly and, as you probably know,
Bot Flies don't have a great reputation. According to the
Michigan Department of Resources (you have
to read this)
, these adults live only long enough to mate and lay eggs (in the nostrils of deer) and then
they die because they have no mouth parts with which to feed. The laid eggs hatch and live on inside the
head of the unfortunate deer. I may neve
r see another one of these in my lifetime.  © Carol Davis 4-8-2014

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